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Uplifting Teens, Creating Futures

At Ignite Treatment Centers, teen mental health is our priority. We want to provide struggling teens with a safe and welcoming environment within which they can feel at home, as well as receiving the specialized treatment and support they need, tailored exactly for them. Our high levels of clinical and evidence-based care mean that any resident of our residential treatment center can feel fully supported around the clock with their recovery needs.

Through our work, we understand that not only do we need to provide mental health care and treatment for the mind, but we also need to do so while nurturing and supporting a growing individual who is developing into an adult.

We specialize in treatment for a wide variety of issues that struggling teens may be battling with, including:

What are the Warning Signs that a Teen May be Struggling with Mental Health Issues?

Teenage years can be difficult. With changing bodies and hormones, it can often be challenging to identify a severe mental health problem when natural mood and behaviors take effect during these particular years. However, that doesn’t mean that mental health issues are impossible to identify – as long as you understand which signs and symptoms to look out for, and when to know that a low mood may be something more.

  • Exhaustion or fatigue. Tiredness is natural, especially in teens who have busy lifestyles. When tiredness moves into constant exhaustion or fatigue, however, no matter how many hours of sleep the teen is getting, this could be a sign of mental health issues, including if the teen appears to be oversleeping or constantly in bed.
  • Anger or irritability. Teens struggling with mental health issues may be more prone to irritability and quick to anger. A significant red flag is if they are suddenly more angry and irritable with no obvious environmental cause or reason.
  • Inability to concentrate. Those struggling with mental health issues may find that they no longer find joy in activities and pastimes, or are unable to concentrate on anything in their daily life. They may be easily distracted and unable to focus.
  • Constant worrying. A highly significant sign of anxiety issues, constant worrying shows that a teen may be battling with issues of anxiety on a variety of levels. This could be a case of worrying over large issues or may even be anxiety about the smallest thing.
  • Substance abuse. The teen may have clear habits of substance abuse, whether drugs or alcohol.
  • Addictive behavior. Addiction can apply to anything, whether this is substances, social media, gaming, or even illegal gambling.

Warning signs will naturally differ depending on the mental health issue in question, but these are general symptoms that can be attributed to most issues, particularly depression and anxiety.

We Treat Teens Struggling With

Treatment Plans at Ignite

The treatment plans and services we offer include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for teens
  • Residential Treatment Center for troubled teens
  • Tailored mental health services
  • Therapeutic boarding schools
  • A host of health professionals available 24/7

Our treatments include specialists, nurses, mentors, counselors, and more. This means that no matter the recovery program needed, there will always be a trained expert attendant on hand throughout the treatment. All plans will be tailored for the individual, with their personal mental health and behavior needs in mind.

Teen Mental Health and Addiction Therapy Includes

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Teens

CBT therapy is one of the dependable options for overcoming depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. When taking a course of cognitive behavioral therapy CBT, you can expect your teen’s mental health to be improved by focusing on an alternate way of thinking and how to handle any troubling thoughts.

When working through a course of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the teen will be able to understand their own issues better and develop their own personal coping strategy to deal with their own problems.

Residential Treatment for Troubled Teens

Whether it’s treatment for anxiety, depression, behavior issues, trauma, drug addiction treatment California, or any other needs, the team at Ignite Treatment Centers are here to help.

Our aim is to create a safe and tranquil retreat for teens who would like to spend focused time overcoming their mental health problems. Within our centers, you can expect a myriad of opportunities and activities during your time spent with us, including music and art therapy, equine therapy, and also have access to facilities such as a gym and pool.

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