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Social Isolation and Teen Mental Health

A new CDC survey has revealed that more than four in ten teens reported feeling “persistently sad or hopeless” during the pandemic. Girls were twice as likely to experience mental health issues compared to boys. The findings were gathered from 7,700 online surveys during the first half of 2021.

These findings are not new, but they are the newest cause for concern. Even before the pandemic, teen mental health concerns have been a serious issue for parents. One of the keys this survey brings to light, again, is the importance of talking with your teens and adolescents about mental health topics. While these topics may be difficult to discuss, communication can be an incredible tool. Sudden changes in your teen’s behavior may show that they need help, but the changes may not always be “obvious”. If your teen’s negative emotions are getting in the way of their ability to function daily, it may be time to access help.



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