Residential Suicidal Ideation Treatment For Teens

Teen depression and suicide is a growing issue, to the point where suicide is now the second-leading cause of death in teens and has increased nationally by 30% since 1999. Suicide rarely happens in a vacuum and often, with proper intervention, it is preventable, however, you as the parent must learn what to look for in advance and what steps to take to get your child the help they need. In many cases, this will mean getting them help from a professional teenage suicide center with trained teen mental health prfoessionals like Ignite right away.


What is Suicidal Ideation?


Suicide ideation means wanting to and thinking logistically about taking your own life. It can be both passive and active. Passive refers to when your teen will have thoughts about dying and how they wish they could be dead. Active is far more dangerous, as it could lead to your child making an attempt on their life. 

Suicide ideation is also far more prevalent in teens and young adults between ages 18 to 25, or in other words when your child in middle and Highschool or is away at college for the first time. By recognizing the symptoms of depression before, you can get them help before they feel like they are all alone.


Suicide Help for Teenagers


Suicidal ideation often comes as a result of a mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety, though all mental illnesses carry a risk of resulting in suicidal thoughts. Suicide help for teenagers is done through several methods. There can be a medical component in order to combat a chemical imbalance in the brain. Our teenage suicide treatment center also specializes in holistic healing and therapy, to help your child understand what is happening to them, and to give them the tools and skills they need to deal with their mental illness and suicidal ideation.

Contact us today so that we can help your teen get better. We specialize in suicide help in teenagers and our treatment is designed to to address the root cause of their suicidal ideation. 

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