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Teen Rehab Treatment

Residential Treatment Program

Residential treatment, “Residential Teen Rehab”, or “RTC” is available to those struggling with long-term or serious dependence, Mental Health Issues,  as well as higher risk behaviors and symptoms that require the more intensive, 24 hour supervision of a residential environment. Those participating in residential treatment live at the treatment center until they achieve a medically necessary and clinically indicated level of stability that would enable them to safely transition to a lower level of care. Clients receive a broad range of medical, psychological, educational and supportive services. A client who qualifies for Residential Treatment will generally receive 30-90 days of care however, The Length of stay can vary based on the specific clinical indicators that determine medical necessity, and is determined on an individual basis.

Partial Hospitalization Program

A Partial hospitalization program or “PHP” is ideal for those who struggle to maintain stability or sobriety and are stepping down from a higher level of care such as Residential Treatment or don’t have the acute symptoms indicating a need for Residential Treatment. As such PHP is an ideal stage to work on preventing the furthering of symptoms for those who are struggling heavily, and to help those who have stabilized in Residential Treatment transition back into the “real world”. Partial Hospitalization for teens is comprised of multiple hours of services, 4-8 hours daily in a supervised environment including therapy, group therapy, school support and education, family therapy, support groups and psychiatry when indicated. PHP, like RTC is clinically driven and the length of stay is determined by Medical Necessity with a typical average of 1-3 months.

Intensive Outpatient Program

In Intensive Outpatient Programs, or “IOP”, are a stage down from PHP and a precursor or follow up from a Partial Program with the focus of care on providing support to clients in conjunction with their daily lives. IOP is similar to PHP in the provision of care, however the length of treatment is less frequent with programming offered 3 hours a day, 3-7 days a week. Typically, IOP programs are scheduled to allow for attendance to regular school and/or work requirements thus giving the client the ability to engage in “real world” challenges with the support and guidance of a treatment team. IOP, like RTC and PHP is clinically driven and the length of stay is determined by Medical Necessity with a typical average of 2-6 months.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient Programming or “OP” includes the provision of individual and group therapy weekly or multiple times a week as clinically indicated. OP is a “pre-intensive” level of care designed to provide regular support and maintenance for clients who struggle with Mental Health and Addiction Issues.
The OP level of care can be fairly lengthy and is driven by Medical necessity.

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