Meet The Teen Treatment Team

  • Mendi Baron LCSW
    Mendi Baron LCSWCEO
    Mendi is a passionate advocate for teens and young adults in the fields of mental health and addiction. Baron creates programs to bring a unique approach to the treatment of adolescents and young adults who are struggling with a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders and substance abuse issues. Clinically trained, Baron earned a BA with honors in psychology and social work at the University of Maryland and an MSW at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. His extensive experience as a therapist includes individual and group counseling for children, adolescents, and families in various settings. 

    Gaining insight and experience, he has worked at several treatment centers including the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development, the Carroll County Youth Services Bureau, Chabad Crisis Centers, and the Center for Discovery and Adolescent Change. Before launching Ignite Teen Treatment, Mendi conceived and built, from the ground up, multiple successful, high end adolescent residential and outpatient programs in Los Angeles. Mendi has appeared on the Dr. Phil show, is regularly featured in mental health and addiction publications, and speaks around the country in person and on Tv/Radio on these topics.

    With his newest ventures, Mendi instills a rare blend of energy, creativity, and experience to the treatment of teens, young adults, and their families struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The son of a Rabbi, eldest of 11 children, is a part-time rock musician, boxer, cantor, and father of three.
  • Gryphon Ward
    Gryphon WardFounder/COO
    Gryphon brings impeccable education and experience to Ignite Teen Treatment. He holds a BA in Criminal Justice from the University of Delaware and an MA in Corporate Communication from Duquesne University. He has worked as a DUI evaluator for the state of Delaware, assigning offenders to appropriate outpatient alcohol education classes; a volunteer for the Family Court Juvenile Justice Division, keeping non-violent first time juvenile offenders out of the system; a STEM teacher to at-risk youth at the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, and a facility manager and then a counselor education liaison for Center for Discovery in Los Angeles.

    Together with Mendi Baron, Gryphon built successful, high end adolescent residential and outpatient programs in Los Angeles. His commitment to helping struggling teens make lifelong positive choices is unwavering. This New Jersey native is an amusement park enthusiast who still holds a season pass to Six Flags.
  • Alan J. Bond
    Alan J. BondChief Financial Officer
    Alan has developed a unique financial management perspective through leadership positions in the corporate, consulting, and financial market worlds, including a financial management position at a major Health Maintenance Organization, where he also served as their representative in a national industry group in Washington, D.C. He has specialized in creating and developing sophisticated financial management processes and systems in diverse corporate environments, as well as leading financing efforts for corporations throughout his career. Most recently, Alan was the Chief Financial Officer at Avalon by the Sea, a high-end adult treatment center and held a similar position at Evolve Treatment Centers, a large adolescent behavioral health-care treatment corporation.
    Alan holds an A.B. degree with Honors in Economics from the School of Arts & Sciences at Cornell University, where he became a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, as well as an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.
  • Devon Romo CADC-II, ICADC
    Devon Romo CADC-II, ICADCBusiness Development, Marketing and Outreach
    Devon Romo is a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor with over eighteen years’ experience working with adolescents and young adults. The majority of her career has been spent as the Adolescent Director of a coed twenty bed chemical dependency treatment program in California. This is where she learned hands on under amazing mentors how to be the most effective with a resistant population. 

    Devon also spent multiple years as the marketing and admissions director of two young adult treatment programs that emphasized education and personal growth as well as long term mental health. This gave her the opportunity to travel all over the country and participate and train with leaders in the field of mental health and chemical dependency. Focusing on ethics and evidenced based practices. 

    Devon Romo combines her personal experience as a graduate of an adolescent treatment program herself and as a mother of a child with a disability with her extensive professional experience to come from a place of unconditional regard for the entire family. “Accountability and personal growth is a product of self-worth and respect”.
  • Robert Rhinehart III
    Robert Rhinehart IIIExecutive Director
    Robert Rhinehart brings with him an array of practical and insightful knowledge and expertise with 14+ years of experience with children and adolescents in education, mental health and substance abuse. Prior to Ignite Rob served as Regional Director of Operations and Group Home Administrator for 3 residential group homes and 2 IOP/PHP facilities in the Greater Los Angeles Area. As Regional Director, he was tasked with program implementation and development, training of personnel, and oversight of those facilities.

    Robert’s experience spans from being a childcare counselor for severely abused, neglected children in a group home setting, to being an aide and then behavior specialist at special needs/non-public schools, and Dual Diagnosis Counselor in residential treatment for teens.
    Robert pulls from these experiences as well as his own journey to promote different perspectives, interests and coping skills for youth to battle difficulties. Robert believes in lifelong learning, constant refinement; and applies this through reading, exercise, adopting healthier habits and “lifestyle” challenges.
  • Dr. Jason Castillo
    Dr. Jason CastilloMedical Director
    Dr. Castillo brings a commitment to personalized, compassionate psychiatric care with an emphasis on treating the person as a whole.

    While obtaining his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Georgetown University, his academic interests ranged from evolutionary neurobiology to film/music studies and he witnessed profound academic and political change directly from policy makers in Washington, DC.

    As an osteopathic physician (DO), Dr. Castillo emphasizes the whole-person approach to medical and psychiatric issues with the recognition that the patient is a unique person who must be integrated as an active participant in the healing process.

    He continues to work as an advocate for patients and families by lowering barriers to competent care and stopping the immense stigma of mental health treatment. As a native of Southern California and former Eagle Scout he has a deep love for the outdoors and local hiking trails and enjoys playing soccer, gardening, reading, and spending time with his two small dogs.
  • Tracy Schrunk, LCSW
    Tracy Schrunk, LCSWClinical Therapist
    My entire career has been dedicated to families, adolescents, young adults and women age 24 to 45. I understand the complexity of their struggles and help them create a new post-treatment norm. I build safe spaces for young women seeking to solve or heal from personal adversities. I facilitate changes needed in families for every member to begin to thrive and experience joy again.

    As a primary therapist, clinical director and executive director in residential and wilderness treatment programs for twenty years, I’ve built a solid reputation around working with highly complex and clinically challenged family systems and individuals.

    I cut through the facades and help my clients get to the core of the issues and leave their old stories behind. I hold my clients accountable and push them to dig deeper, to explore who they really are, to live from a place of authenticity, to create a new way of being.
  • Dr. Jamie Cichon, MD
    Dr. Jamie Cichon, MDMD
    Dr. Cichon is a passionate advocate for increased quality care standards as it relates to mental healthcare. As a native of Las Vegas she is familiar with many of the dire challenges faced by the state, particularly as it relates to high suicide rates and a general lack of quality mental health treatment.
    Dr. Cichon has impressive academic and clinical experience. She received her educational training from Washington University (St. Louis) and received undergraduate degrees in both Spanish and Biochemistry. She was also fortunate to live abroad in Europe where she pursued one of her passions as a Yoga instructor, traveling Pilates instructor with Pilates Madrid and language instructor.
    In 2011 Dr. Cichon graduated from the University of Nevada School of Medicine and completed her Psychiatry Residencey at the prestigious Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida. She completed an internship at the Maricopa Integrated Health System in Arizona. More recently she has been practicing medicine in West Virginia as the only female psychiatrist responsible for the hospital’s patients requiring both psychiatric and neurological care, and outpatient treatment for teens, women and trauma survivors. Dr. Cichon was a mental health advocate for her patients seeking disability related accidents and veterans health benefits . She provided forensic testimony in child abuse and custody cases and was closely involved in monitoring of high risk pregnancies with comorbid psychiatric disorders.
    Her professional background includes inpatient and outpatient work in a variety of settings including inpatient and outpatient evaluations, medication management, and psychotherapy. She has a special interest in women’s mental health issues including hormonal changes as related to mood disorders. Dr. Cichon utilizes psychopharmacology and modern therapies as well as integrative medicine and holistic approaches, As a former yoga instructor, Dr. Cichon incorporates mindfulness and meditation into her treatments.
  • Jennifer Trevino,  RDN, LD, CPT
    Jennifer Trevino, RDN, LD, CPTHealth And Nutrition Specialist
    Jennifer is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist who received a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Sciences from UNLV as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from UNR. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor that has worked with populations of all ages and fitness levels for over 10 years. Jennifer strongly believes in the power of individualized nutrition and fitness regimes to learn how the science of the body works and how optimal eating can have a dramatic affect on body fat, lean muscle mass, hormonal balance, athletic performance, depression, and disease prevention.