Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

As with every addiction, there are many different causes behind a drug or alcohol dependency.

In teens, it could simply be that they are in a crowd where peer pressure dictates that they rely on these stimulants. In other teens, it could be a coping mechanism for trauma. Some drugs are inherently very addictive as well, leading to a chemical dependency that can be nigh difficult to break for a teenager.


Symptoms of Drug or Alcohol Abuse


Teen drugs and alcohol dependencies can become life destroyers later on, so watch out for these symptoms so that you can offer your teen the help they need:

  1. Poor hygiene
  2. Excessive weight loss
  3. Lack of interest in academics or passions
  4. Social isolation
  5. An increasing need for money
  6. Erratic or strange behavior
  7. Secretiveness
  8. Hospital visits


When it comes to teens and drugs, you need to remember that placing blame isn’t going to help, regardless of whether it was peer pressure that got them into this mess, or they are dealing with some other mental health issue, putting blame won’t make them listen. The same applies to alcohol.

Sit them down, express your concern, and highlight how they are hurting themselves and those around them. Give them ways to get out of it that include your love and support.


How to Help a Teen with Drug or Alcohol Dependency


When your teen’s dependency on either drugs or alcohol is severe, the first step will always be to take them to a teen drug rehab center. Drug treatment centers for teens help by clearing the drug or alcohol from their bodies, and then by putting them through therapy to help them understand why they are so dependent on their vice and how they can make do without it. If your teen doesn’t see the need to change, chances are they will go back to their old habits.

At Ignite we offer both residential and outpatient drug rehab for teens, and provide a variety of therapy options to help them get the treatment they need.

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