Just wanted to let you know that ________ is doing really well. Her reactions to things and mood has been such a big change!! As much as the Ignite process at times was a pain in the ass, we made the best decision ever by having her there.

A Parent

Hello ——- I was successful in registering my daughter into the Ignite Teen Treatment facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have absolutely nothing but positive feedback on the program. The insurance coordinators, Devon and Jessica, were fabulous! They both worked all hours of the day, including late evenings and early morning hours to assist in receiving prior insurance authorization. She advocated with me while I was on the
phone with the insurance company on several occasions. She truly went above and beyond! While I was in route to the facility she even texted me to encourage me. She told me to call her if I needed support. After I dropped my daughter off, she personally called and checked on my emotional status. She was an angel!

In regards to the program itself, I am also very satisfied. They did a wonderful job communicating her progress and keeping me informed. My daughter also found this program extremely helpful. The counselor on site, was amazing. He truly was able to reach my daughter where no one else have previously been able to reach her. I have to commend the psychiatrist also. He did not rush to diagnosis her. In fact, he took over two weeks to thoroughly evaluate her. I appreciate the investment and time he committed to truly understanding the core of the issues.

The facility itself was also top notch. It was in a residential neighborhood. The program only accepted 8 patients at a time. Truly a wonderful program to be able to sustain a small ratio. The program offered several weekly offsite activities such as boxing, yoga, attending a movie, going to the park for lunch and other outings.

My daughter has made huge improvements since her admission. While she still maintains her daily struggles, the program instilled the basic strategies she needed to overcome these obstacles. I honestly believe that without this program my daughter would not be alive today!

A Parent

“Mendi has a unique combination of insightful business acumen, innate knowledge of how to help this population, and an honest desire to create in these children the ability to live full and productive lives.”

Jessica Adler Coro, Esq.

“Gryphon is undeniably an asset to the treatment world. I can say with 100 percent confidence; Gryphon Ward’s motivation, dedication, and heart are in the right place to make the changes in the life of countless adolescents.”

Susan R.

“I have personally seen the impact that Mendi’s commitment to programming standards and professionalism has had on hundreds of clients that have gone through our programs, and I believe this standard of high caliber treatment and his choice of therapist and counselor teams has literally saved lives, giving hope to many young people and their families.”

Cassandra Ogier, CEGE

“Many of the kids we work with have trouble believing in their own abilities. Rob’s philosophy of individual empowerment gives teens the encouragement necessary to believe in their own selves.”

Donovan Saddler

“Mendi here… This is not his first Rodeo.”

Dr. Phil Mcgraw

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