Residential Psychiatric Treatment For Teens

Mental illnesses have plagued our societies since the dawn of time. Only recently, however, have these mental illnesses and disorders finally been diagnosed and treatments made to combat both the mental and physical symptoms of these illnesses.

What is Psychiatric Treatment?

Psychiatric treatment for teens includes a variety of different therapy options. Some treatment options include but are not limited to:

  1. Medical prescriptions
  2. Counseling
  3. One-On-One Therapy
  4. Group Therapy
  5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

At Ignite, we believe that our residential psychiatric treatment for teens should be individualized to address their specific personal needs. We have a variety of different therapeutic options to help them gain confidence and address the causes and symptoms of their mental illness.

When Would My Teen need Psychiatric Treatment?

Your child should receive psychiatric help for teens whenever their mental health starts to affect their way of life or health. They will need to enroll in our residential psychiatric treatment for teenagers program when they are at severe risk to themselves, others, or have a drug or alcohol dependency. By keeping them overnight, we can provide them a healthy, warm atmosphere where they can start to learn the skills they need to combat their mental illness.

Teenagers psychiatric treatment can help your child manage their illness or disorder, as well as get to the bottom of what triggers their illness and how they can function better and even get better. Mental illness is complex, and every child deserves to be treated as an individual without being defined by their diagnosis. Only then can they get better on their own terms, because though there are treatments, there is no one step-by-step plan that works for everyone.

We at Ignite work with your child to create that ideal treatment that will help get out of the downward spiral they have found themselves in, and instead give them the tools, know-how, and skills to finally stand on their own two feet.

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