Residential Psychiatric Treatment for Teens

Psychiatric Treatment for Teens

Life as a teenager can be very tough, especially with significant life changes such as attending high school and experiencing personal relationship changes and important decisions regarding the future. Teenagers can, therefore, feel an inordinate amount of pressure from social circles, their education and job opportunities, to name just a few. Even without these pressures, there is always the risk that teenagers can develop psychiatric problems naturally in ways that might not be affected directly by what is going on in their life.

However, no matter the reason or cause of mental health problems, it can be even more difficult to try and deal with these problems as a teenager while trying to keep up your normal everyday life and education.

That’s what it’s essential to seek out the right treatment plan for your teen if they are experiencing any issues with psychiatric problems, in order to have your teen on the path to recovery as soon as possible.


Treatment for Suicidal Thoughts


Any mental health issue is a cause for concern if it is preventing your teen from living a full and happy life. Any mental health problems require a focused and dedicated treatment plan so that you and your teen can understand that there is a path out of the darkness.

Nevertheless, this treatment is particularly important if your teen is having suicidal thoughts – especially active suicidal thoughts, which mean they might be making plans to end their life due to their psychiatric struggles.

At Ignite, we specialize in the right treatment for suicidal thoughts and teenagers suffering from psychiatric issues which may be affecting their desire to live.

Treatment for Anxiety


Anxiety can be a negative part of a teen’s everyday life. With mounting pressures during a teenager’s developing years, as well as the awareness that they have to make crucial decisions regarding their education and employment future, anxiety is prevalent in the teenager and young adult age bracket.

Treatment for anxiety will be needed if your teenager is unable to live their life confidently and without hindrance. Severe cases of anxiety can leave your teen feeling constantly on edge, irritable, hopeless, and unsociable.

If you’re looking for anxiety treatment centers California for your teen, then Ignite Treatment Centers are ready to help.

Treatment for Trauma


It may be that there is a specific traumatic event or traumatic reason that your teen is struggling with mental health issues. Trauma always needs to be dealt with in a safe and supported way instead of ignored. Trauma can leave lasting scars on your teenager in the form of their mental health, which will more than likely worsen over time if trauma treatment is not found, and if the issue is ignored. Speaking openly with a dedicated mental health professional about their trauma experience is the first step in finding the necessary recovery path for your teen.

Additionally, finding the right support group to socialize in, and speak with other people who are going through the same experience with the same trauma, can be a significant help in dealing with this emotional pain and helping your teen to understand that they are not alone.

Knowing When Your Teen Might Need Psychiatric Treatment


It’s critical to watch out for signs that your teenager is struggling. During a time when teens are more likely to want a significant amount of privacy in their lives, it may be that they are not forthcoming about their mental health struggles, or else spend a lot of time away from parents or home. This means that you may not be around them as often as you would like in order to assess their behavior all the time. That’s why it’s important to notice any changes in their behavior when you do spend time with them. Plus, also notice any changes to their routine in general, such as suddenly being withdrawn or aggressive.

You will know when they need treatment when your teen’s mental health is negatively affecting themselves and those around them, or if they have become a danger to themselves or those around them. Substance use can also be a sign that your teenager needs a treatment program as soon as possible.

Getting Your Teen the Mental Health Treatment They Need


There are many options for psychiatric help for teens. These options include (but are not limited to):

  • One to one therapy
  • Counseling sessions
  • Group therapy sessions, with those going through the same (or similar) mental health issues
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (also known as CBT therapy)

When seeking teen psychiatric treatment at our facilities, we will always match your teen with the best treatment options for them, which may be one option, a combination of options, or the option your teen feels most comfortable with.


Residential Treatment with Ignite Treatment Centers


We offer support and treatment for a variety of mental health issues and support those teenagers struggling through mental health conditions.

Our residential treatment centers aim to offer a safe space for your teenager to concentrate on their own problems and recovery. Providing residential treatment is particularly encouraged because it allows your teenager to escape their usual routine and the environment they are usually in, which may be exacerbating their mental health issues. A new, fresh, safe, and supported environment away from home can significantly help them to focus better on their own recovery and being able to stand on their own two feet.

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