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Dealing with a difficult teenage daughter or son is hard enough. Teenage risk behavior can include being unsafe with sex, taking illicit substances, or even just taking unnecessary risks. That being said, the worst method when dealing with teenage girls is to hover. This is not how to handle teenagers. You need to let them have some independence so that they can make the right decisions, and to create consequences when they don’t.

That is how to deal with a teenage daughter or son, of course, when they don’t suffer from a mental disorder or addiction. A troublesome teenage daughter is one that causes you to stress; a troubled teenage daughter is one that suffers from severe anxiety or panic attacks. Knowing how to deal with difficult adolescent daughters, in this case, is a matter of recognizing the symptoms and getting them the help they need, when they need it.

Symptoms of Mental Illness

Parenting difficult teenager daughter or son can feel like an uphill battle, but coping with a teenage daughter and mental health at the same time can make you feel out of your depth. Before you worry, remember that there is professional help out there. All you need to do is keep an eye out for these symptoms so that it doesn’t become a lifelong issue in your child.

  • Depression

Clinical depression is one of the most often illnesses that parents need help with teenage daughter or son. It will exhibit as extreme lethargy, lack of interest, expression of worthlessness, or general sadness. This is not a hard rule. Always make sure your teen knows the symptoms themselves and knows when to get help to prevent them from expertly hiding how they feel from you out of stigma.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety and stress often go hand in hand and can arise due to helicopter parenting. This risk of parenting can make many parents wonder how to parent teenage daughters and sons effectively. The goal is to give your child plenty of opportunities to grow their confidence and independence, and, failing that, seeking out help, especially if anxiety leads to a panic disorder.

  • Body Image Related Illnesses

An eating disorder is deadly, and body dysmorphia can lead to severe mental health concerns. If your child has a strange and unhealthy fixation on their body or are becoming unhealthy in any way, intervene and if necessary, seek out professional help.

The Difference Between Adolescence and Being Troubled

It is important to note that teenagers act out and misbehave. This does not automatically mean that they are troubled or that you don’t know how to deal with teenage problems. In many cases, it is merely them testing their boundaries to see where they stand in the world. It is no different than when they were younger. The only difference is now you need to let them make their own decisions and discipline them so that they can enter the world as functioning adults.

Troubled teens, on the other hand, are suffering in a whole different way. Eating disorders, depression, psychosis disorders, ADHD, addiction, drug abuse – these are instances where your teen is troubled and where standard disciplinary actions won’t work on their own. If your teen is troubled, then give us a call here at Ignite. We can help your teen battle a variety of mental disorders, addictions, or health concerns so that they can be their best selves moving forward.

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