Teen Residential Treatment

At Ignite, our Teen Residential Treatment program is designed to meet the needs of Teens struggling with Mental Health and Addiction issues in an atmosphere that is warm and family oriented, while providing a high level of clinical and evidence based care. Clients at the adolescent rehab program live onsite with the 24 hour support of our treatment team comprised of Licensed Therapists, Psychiatrist, Nurses, Addiction Specialists, Experiential Counselors, Educators,  Counselors and Mentors.

Our homes are tastefully appointed to address both the myriad needs of a developing teen as well as the variety of safety requirements that come with treating acute Mental Health and Addiction issues. Though our program provides amenities such as a Chef, Gym, Pool, and even a Music Studio, our program is designed to engage the clients in a system of self-growth and responsibility, earning their way to success and often setting and achieving their own milestones.

Our clinical program is comprised of Individual, Group, and Family Therapy, as well as Experiential Therapies, Psychiatric Assessment and Support, Medication Management as indicated, Regular Nursing Assessment, and coordinated care with specific professionals and supportive programming to meet the unique clinical, cultural, and developmental needs of our clientele.

Our education program is custom tailored to the individual and their specific, often “school” or “Situation” indicated learning requirements with the support of our team and local education professionals. Our family program is designed to integrate the family system with the clients care in such a way that enables and requires both the client and family,  as well as the home environment to learn, grow, and experience positive change.

As family plays a critical role in the lives of teens, our family therapy program is designed to help both the clients and their families heal and grow in a supportive environment. We provide family therapy as well as education, training, and aftercare planning and support.