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Wellness is something that all adults and teens (and even children) need to practice for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Practicing wellness is one of the greatest mental health tips for teens and six great steps to follow include:

1.   Regular Exercise is Key

Sign them up for physical activity or go exercise together as a family. Hiking, going on bike rides, taking them to go swimming – this can keep their exercise levels high and encourage them to exercise with their friends.

2.   Create Healthy Routines for Morning and Night

Help them build healthy routines before bed and in the morning from when they are children so that it becomes second nature. This will help them physically prepare for the day and get a better night’s rest.

3.   Learn How to Cook Healthy Meals

Teach your teen how to cook healthy meals. This is the time in their lives when they can be left home alone, and knowing they can make proper meals can offer peace of mind. On their end, it means they can be healthier both in your home and when they move on to college.

4.   Limit Activities You Take on

There are two concerns when it comes to after-school activities. Either they don’t take any on and have no interest in hobbies, or they take too many on and overload themselves with stress. Anything in-between is often indicative of a healthy individual, though there are some exceptions.

5.   Get Involved with an Animal

The mental health benefits of dogs and the mental health benefits of owning a dog, in particular, are well known. It is for this reason that therapy dogs are becoming more common and universities and high schools alike are booking that puppy therapy visits. The emotional benefits of pet ownership are massive and can be critical for mental health in teenagers.

Suitable pets for mental health benefits include cats, dogs, and even horses. How does horse therapy work? Essentially it works the same reason why dogs and mental health go so well together. Being with an animal, taking care of the animal, working with the animal, and exercising with the animal all produce positive emotions and help teens get healthier.

The best pets for mental health are those that require your teen to take care of them with the added benefit of being able to bond. Pets are important for a person’s mental health because it provides responsibility, and therein lies the mental health benefits of pets. Animals with higher emotional intelligence also give back, which is why the answer to can dogs help with mental illness is always a resounding yes. Dogs are friends to humans and can help those with mental health by offering an unconditional bond that helps those with depression or anxiety get through their day and take care of their beloved furry friend.

6.   Seek Out Professional Help When Needed

The benefits of laughter physically, mentally, and socially are well documented, but if you find yourself or if you are a parent with a teenager who cannot find joy or interest even in activities that they used to love, then it is okay to seek out professional help. In fact, it can help in ways you never thought possible. With our treatment centers, your teen will not only address their mental health, but they will learn how to manage it both medically and holistically so that they can move forward on their own terms.

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