Video Games & Teen Mental Health: A Different Take | Ignite Teen Treatment


Right now there’s a lot in the news about whether video game and tech addiction are a real thing. This is certainly debatable, and we have yet to see if teens and young adults will eventually have to do 12-step programs to wean themselves off video games and social media. Yet a report in Maxim tells us that video games can be very beneficial, especially when you’re stressed out. 

As Maxim explains, “A new study from the U.K. may dispel some myths about millennial video game us…it actually found that playing video games helps young people better cope with stress and life.”

There are certainly benefits to video games, it’s a good way to get your aggressions out, and it improves eye / hand coordination. And video games have also been used with senior citizens to help keep their minds sharp. And out of 1,000 gamers, whose ages range from 18 to 30, 55% of them said that games greatly helped them de-stress and relax. 

Other gamers, 47% of the ones polled, claimed that playing video games had “a positive impact on their lives outside of the screen, allowing them to look upon other aspects of their lives more positively,” debunking the belief that many people get so hooked on gaming and technology you can’t tear them away from it. 27% also said that playing video games helped them “process or deal with a mental health issue or concern.”*Too much of anything can be bad, but there are definitely a lot of strong and positive aspects to gaming that can definitely benefit teen mental health

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