High Cases of Depression Treatment For Students | Ignite Teen Treatment


The bad news is all over the internet: troubled youth, teens, and young adults in their twenties are experiencing depression and anxiety in college more than ever. The good news: They’re seeking help.  

As one student tells Time, college felt like a pressure cooker when she was trying her damnedest to get good grades and go on to med school. “I was running myself so thin trying to be the best college student. It almost seems like they’re setting you to fail because of the sheer amount of work and amount of classes you have to take at the same time, and how you’re also expected to do so much.”  

 At first, she was hesitant to get help, and others at her school felt the same way. “No one wanted to be seen going up to that office.” But eventually she became overwhelmed by depression, and at a certain point, she couldn’t leave her dorm. “When you’re going through that and you’re looking around on campus, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is going through what you’re going through. It was probably the loneliest experience.” 

 But now troubled youth and depressed students are indeed seeking help. Time reports that from 2009 to 2015 that visits to counseling centers on campus went up 30%. And while colleges have a hard time keeping up, UCLA also set up a free online screening for depression. 2,700 students did the survey, and counselors reached out to 250 students who were considered at risk. 

 While counselors on campus are having a hard time keeping up, again, people are looking for help. As one counseling source told Time, “It’s a very different job than it was 10 years ago.”  



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