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Teen Residential Treatment for Struggling Teens

We Help Struggling Teens & Support Families

At Ignite, our residential treatment program is designed to meet the needs of teens struggling with mood and anxiety issues, as well as other mental health issues, in an atmosphere that is warm and family oriented, in a residential community setting. 

Our program helps our clients feel safer and more comfortable while reflecting on their issues; as our therapeutic programs help them find their way.  Our adolescent program provides the 24 hour care and support of our experienced treatment team including licensed therapists, psychiatrists, nurses,  experiential counselors, educators, counselors, and mentors. Our goal is to help every teen reintegrate into their daily lives in a healthy way.

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  What We Help Teens With

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Self-Harming

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Mood Disorders

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Body Image Issues

  • Co-Occurring Substance Use

  • Psychiatric Disorders

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Education & Family Programs

At Ignite, we know that two of the most critical foundations of successful treatment are family involvement and educational support.

As family plays a critical role in the lives of teens, keeping family up to date and involved in the process is central. Our family program is designed to help clients and their families heal and grow. We provide family therapy as well as family education, training, and aftercare planning and support. We are dedicated to helping teens while also supporting families.

Our education program is custom tailored to each teen and their learning and educational needs. With the support of our team and local education professionals, we are able to help our clients keep their educations on track or get them back on track.

Therapies at Our Teen Residential Program


Individual Psychotherapy


Equine Therapy


Anxiety / Depression Therapy


Trauma Therapy


Relapse Prevention | Life Skills / Healthy Lifestyles / Fitness


Education and Education Related Supportive Services


Family Specific Case Management And Support


Family Therapy


Clinical Case Management


Medication Management


Chemical Dependency Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy


Yoga / Meditation / Mindfullness

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