While addiction can hit any age group, teenagers can be especially susceptible to it. Now Dr. Laurence M. Westreich has written a new book: A Parent’s Guide to Teen Addiction, that provides tough love advice for teens suffering from addiction, and how families can cope.

The book is subtitled Professional Advice on Signs, Symptoms, What to Say, and How to Help, and author Westreich is an expert on addiction with two teenagers of his own. As PR Newswire reports, the book covers everything from identifying when your teenager has a problem, to treatment, and after treatment.

In speaking to your teens about addiction, Westrich also includes “tough talk” you can have with them that will hopefully set them on the right road. “If your teenager uses opioids, you cannot wait until he ‘hits bottom,’ because the bottom might be death. Treatment works! Intensive inpatient programs, outpatient group or individual therapy, and even some medications can save your teenager’s life.”

In an excerpt of the book, Westreich points out the signs to be aware of if you suspect your teen is using opioids like nodding out, excessive sleeping, and lethargic behavior, to name a few. “Many parents say that looking back, they realize they noticed signs that their teenager was using opioids, but did not understand them. Use your gut instincts here, and ask the parents of your teenager’s friends whether they notice anything off…”

Withdrawl can also be a good time to try and get your teenager help. “You can use the torment of withdrawal to get your teenager into treatment, by assuring [them] that it’s the quickest way to feel better…Offering the carrot of relief to get your teenager into treatment can be a highly effective strategy.”

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