A lot of teens and young adults these days are feeling more stressed out, depressed, and anxious than ever, shining a light on the need for treatment for at-risk teens, troubled youth, and young people that are just plain frazzled by the demands of life. Now in attacking anxiety among kids and teens, a community meeting in Scarsdale Arizona was held, along with a screening of the documentary Angst, which has been gaining a lot of attention in making the public aware of anxiety disorders.

As the site Scarsdale10583.com reports, this special screening took place at Scarsdale Middle School, and many concerned parents were in attendance. A teenager in Angst described anxiety this way, and it had to be sure to make a lot of parents worried about their children: “My hands start to shake. I feel like I can’t breath. I kind of start to breathe really rapidly and can’t slow my breathing. So then my body starts to think that there’s no oxygen and that I’m dying.”

Even more helpful for families and people suffering from anxiety, this documentary lists the “core fears” that can create this disorder: Inadequacy, abandonment, rejection, and being judged by other people.

After the movie was screened, a panel with a psychiatrist, and the Scarsdale Schools Director of Special Education and Student Services, addressed the families in attendance. For the psychiatrist, the message was simple: “Get help, seek help. Start the conversation.”

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