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Think that just because you’re attending an Ivy League school you’re a know it all? Think again. College is a difficult transition for any teen, especially if you’re off to an Ivy League school. Yale is, of course, one of the world’s most prestigious colleges, and now they’re trying to stay ahead of the curve with teen mental health. 


As the school’s Daily News website reports, first-year students should soon be able to go to a mental health workshop which is lead by Mental Health Educators, which was created by students at the Ivy League school. When you attend the workshop, subjects it will cover will include mental health stigmas, stress, and how to look out for danger signs in your fellow students. The school will also have mental health resources available for students.  


This initiative should be ready to go by the fall of the ’18 school year, and as a source at the school explains, a lot of new students have to deal with “a change of environment, homesickness and self-doubt. Students come to campus confident in their abilities. But college isn’t high school, and no one tells you that it will be hard, both academically and mentally.”  


And even though a lot of younger people are often afraid to ask for help, this report estimates that “approximately 50 percent of all Yale undergraduates will visit Yale’s Mental Health and Counseling department during their time at Yale.”  


Right now a lot of colleges across America are struggling to keep up with stressed-out students who need help. With this program, Yale is trying to take new steps to help students with workshops and new mental health awareness groups that will hopefully open students up, and empower them to get help when they need it.  




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