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Adult Coloring for a Calmer Mind

One of the latest trends which you are likely to stumble upon when you enter workspaces is coloring stations for adults. You might be wondering why such a simple activity has drawn such interest. 

Perhaps, you remember the last time you found yourself doodling on the side of a worksheet or trying to color in some random picture while letting your mind wander. You might not have realized at the time, but your brain was telling you it needs to rest and that’s exactly what it was doing. 

As it turns out, coloring helps the brain enter a meditative state and has been subscribed as a means of therapy by psychiatrists since forever. The famous Carl Jung prescribed coloring to his patients to aid them in entering their subconscious. When you color, you use your inner powers and abilities to fulfill the task. You must concentrate on the job you are doing and use your patience to carry it out. It is highly beneficial for people who suffer from conditions such as anxiety or depression since they must use a considerable amount of time calmly performing the task of coloring. The feeling of accomplishment when the work is done is also extremely therapeutic. 

Additionally, it is not as challenging as other fields of creativity. Unlike children who can draw without thinking about their abilities, adults tend to believe they are unable to express their emotions in this way. However, coloring is easy; everybody can do it.

Another benefit of coloring is that it can be done in a group setting. Imagine children who are sitting at a table, coloring, exchanging pencils and chit chatting. Similarly, it also can be a way for adults to socialize. 

Artist Lisa Congdon states, “I think for women who don’t know how to draw or don’t feel comfortable or confident drawing, this is another way to socialize and have an activity that they can do with other people … and because you don’t need to concentrate very much when you’re coloring in a coloring book, you can talk and have a glass of wine.

Therefore, the next time you feel you need an activity to help you get back in touch with your mind and thoughts, pick up some coloring pencils. You might be surprised at the positive emotions it will stir up. 

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