People know about drug detox, but there’s also what’s known as social media and digital detox, and many feel it’s an essential thing that people need to do. 

Social Media Detox Defined

When you put the words SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX into Google, this definition pops up:

“A social media detox is a conscious elimination of social media use and consumption for a set period of time. Generally, most social media detoxes are 30 days, but some people do seven days or even a year-long social media detox.”

Then on the first page are the questions, “How do I take a break from social media?” “What happens when you give up social media?” “Why going off social media is good?”

Well, we know why it’s good to take a break from social media, no matter how long you do it. Too much social media can be toxic and depressing. Studies have shown that too much social media can be bad for you, and a break from it is not a bad idea.

It could also make a great new year’s resolution, because as Psychology Today reports, “The early months of the year are traditionally a time for abstinence, introspection, and renewal. Another emerging tradition has become known as a digital detox. This refers to self-initiated periods of abstinence from using digital devices, especially abstention from social media.”

As this report continues, “Research indicates a significant increase in the usage of social media in recent years. This has become especially intense among young people.” This report cited a study that claimed that over 20% of students are on social media for five hours a day or more, which is clearly a lot. 

Social Media Detox and Mental Health 

As far as social media and mental health, this story mentions that many studies will tell you that “low levels of social media usage are associated with better mental health.” Spending too much time on social media can affect your physical health as well. As this story explains, “One study indicated that heavy usage of social media and digital devices could negatively affect the quality of sleep,” and too much social media time can cause headaches and vision problems. 

Studies from all over have shown that spending too much time on social media can be potentially hazardous to your mental health, and breaks, even now and then, are strongly advised. One of the biggest reasons is that social media can show distorted views of reality that make people feel inferior, like their lives can’t measure up to some celebrity or influencer. This often couldn’t be further from the truth, and we may not realize the grass truly isn’t greener on the other side, but it’s certainly easy to be convinced otherwise.

A social media detox, no matter the time you spend away from it, be it hours, days, weeks, or even months, can be very beneficial to your mental health. If you’re not ready to take a big step away from it, little steps are certainly recommended. See how you like it at first, then see if you can enjoy more time away from it and if it truly benefits your life and mental health. 

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